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Powered by F.A.S.T. attachment system, it's the world's fastest saddle bag.


Class-leading storage capacity.

Extended storage availability.


Universal compatibility.

Tool-less installation.

Accessories companion.


Class-leading compactness. Interchangeable sleeve with endless design possibilities.



It is a pity that with all the advancement of cycling products over the recent years, the most common attachment system of a bicycle saddle bag still comes down to something that was invented back in 1950's - Velcro. Although there are several quick release saddle bag solutions in the market today but they are either limited to certain saddle brands or required additional connection hardware on the saddle. The later further limits the use of one saddle bag across multiple bikes without having to buy multiple connection hardware.


SNAP.B is equipped with patented Full Adaptive Snap Technology (F.A.S.T.) attachment system. It is blazing fast, mind-blowingly fast, and the world's fastest.


With SNAP.B, attachment or removal of saddle bag can be done in a snap, literally.

SNAP.B in action! World's fastest saddle bag!!!
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One of SNAP.B design goals is to have the best in class storage space and yet remains unobtrusively compact. Or in other words, it needs to be spaciously compact.


This was a huge challenge as compactness and spaciousness are two completely opposite requirements. The shape of SNAP.B was revised many times in order to achieve the absolute best storage capacity to form factor ratio. A lot of careful thoughts have been put in to utilize every available space underneath the saddle. Every shapes and curves serve a functional purpose to maximize storage. The ability of SNAP.B to attach snug to the saddle and extend its storage into spaces between saddle rails maximizes its storage capacity while maintaining its overall compact form factor.


This meticulous pursue of absolute storage space makes a difference between packing a full size tire level vs a flimsy one, a CO2 inflator with valve control vs one without, a full function multi-tool with chain tool vs a compact one with limited tools, spare tube as is vs having to repackage it to squeeze into the saddle bag.

SNAP.B also has an innovative Frame + Sleeve modular design that creates flexible storage. Users can choose between compact sleeve or plus sleeve to determine SNAP.B storage space.  

Compact Mode
  • 1x Road spare tube

  • 2x 16g CO2 canisters

  • 1x CO2 inflator

  • 2x Tire levers

  • 1x Patch kit

  • 1x Multi-tool

  • Chain links

  • Rubber gloves

  • Zip ties

  • Energy gel

Extend Mode
  • 2x Road spare tubes or 1x Mountain spare tube

  • 2x 25g CO2 canisters

  • 1x CO2 inflator

  • 2x tire levers

  • 1x patch kit

  • 1x multi-tool

  • Chain links

  • Rubber gloves

  • Zip ties

  • Energy gel





SNAP.B versatility is second to none.


It doesn't need specific brands of saddle to work. It is widely compatible to most saddles without needing any additional mounting hardware to be installed.


As long as the saddle has two rails with typical saddle shell, no matter whether it is round metal rails or oversize oval carbon rails, cut-out or non cut-out shell, SNAP.B will just snap on to them without fail.

Tool-less Installation

Its tool-less installation paired with its amazing F.A.S.T. attachment speed elevate saddle bag ease of use to the next level.



The use of saddle bag typically prevents cyclists from attaching other bicycle accessories like rear light or mud guard to the saddle. That's not the case for SNAP.B.

SNAP.B has X-Port that allows user to attach companion accessories while it is in use.

The mud-guard and action camera mount companion  accessories will be launched together with SNAP.B at Kickstarter while the rear light will be launched at a later date.


With X-Port the possibilities of SNAP.B companion accessories are endless.



Interchangeable Sleeve

Some say saddle bags have no place on a bike. Saddle bags are known to be anything but stylish. They are typically dorky and boring. They just ruin the clean aesthetic of the bike.

We disagree.

SNAP.B with its Flexi-Frame and sleeve concept not only allows user to decide the storage capacity but also the color and design of their saddle bag. Gone are the days when saddle bag is boring and dorky. SNAP.B interchangeable sleeve enables swift color and styling change based on user personal preference.

Get a SNAP.B sleeve that matches the bike or cycling kit to complete your ultimate stylish cycling experience!




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