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About Us

VOUEL is an old French word for vowel. It symbolizes an idea that we are pursuing:


Aspire Evolutionary Innovations On Usability.

It all started when its founder Chee was not able to find a saddle bag that fulfill his needs. He was building up his dream bike at that time. He hand picked all the components that went into that bike and when it was finally put together, it was perfect. He can't bare to see a dorky saddle bag hanging on his dream bike which ruins its clean aesthetics. He started looking for what's available out there at that time. He tried many saddle bags but none of them is the worthy companion for his dream bike.​

Being an engineer, solving problems is in his DNA. If a saddle bag for his dream bike doesn't exist then he is determined to create one. Starting from scratch, he conceptualized what a perfect saddle bag would be. He wasn't impressed by the saddle bag attachment system that exist today. That inspired him to invent the innovative F.A.S.T. attachment system and many hardworking days and nights after that, SNAP.B was born.

​At VOUEL, we have a laser sharp focus on product usability. As cyclists, we create products that we would love to use ourselves. We do not settle for good enough, it has to be the best. We truly believe cyclists innovations pave the way for the ultimate cycling experience.

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