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F.A.S.T. attachment system robustness

SNAP.B F.A.S.T. attachment system robustness is one of the most common question we got.


Is it secure? Would the saddle bag fall halfway through the ride?


These are the exact questions we asked ourselves when developing SNAP.B and its F.A.S.T. attachment system. In order for us to thoroughly test the F.A.S.T. attachment system robustness, on top of numerous testing done on actual outdoor riding, we created a test jig. It has the sole purpose of stress testing SNAP.B at the most extreme road conditions.


It consists of a 3D printed miniature bike front triangle frame with a seat post and a saddle attached. A high torque AC motor drive a custom wheel with bumps spinning at high rpm. The bumps interact with the wheel underneath the frame as the motor spins to simulate extreme road surface bumpiness.


Checkout SNAP.B and the test jig in action below.

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